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Portaleco WIKI: Sharepoint Reference Sites

Main site for public English content and subsites

Sharepoint Reference Sites

This is a list of typical Sharepoint Sites

Typical sites fro personal or small business use. Minimal customizing

  • University of Missouri - a standard Sharepoint site using standard settings and default layout for internal use. A typical work portal. SP Mobile View is disabled. Full page view with Safari Browser on iPhone.¬†

  • Portaleco Centered - a standard Sharepoint web site. It uses standard settings and a modified¬†column layout and quick launch column. Page width is limited and content is centered. Good layout for intenral/external users and mobile devices e.g. iPhone or iPad. Mobile (one column) View on Safari Browser.

    The following sites are highly customized by professional designers.

  • Sharepoint Support - the Microsoft SP Support site. Typical centered design. Modified non standard layout with two columns. No quick launch column.

  • Woodland Trust - three column branded SP layout customized with lots of graphics

  • VDE - a site of a German a professional society site with a branded four column layout. Home page is ok on iPhone. Other pages have different layouts, some pages do not display properly on iPhone.
  • Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation - a professionally designed SP Site with centered, custom two/four column layout.

  • The UPS Store - highly customized, centered layout

  • iPhone Call Test