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Blog for site maintenance and site assist
June 27
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​Test with iPhone - funktioniert nicht

June 07
Embed PDF in Sharepoint WIKI


Short Help: Edit Content Editor Web Part and

embedd the following code:

1 <object><embed src="FILENAME.PDF" height="850" width="850"
2  type="application/pdf"></embed></object>

FILENAME.pdf = URL of PDF File

March 07
Permissions for Anonymous Users

​Although individual permissions (Anonymous Access) is enabled for the WIKI and all the libraries (P-Docs, Pictures) for anonymous access, pictures in the libraries are not displayed for anonymous users. Library containing referred items must by enabled for anonymous access too. WIKI is displayed! 

March 07
Portaleco Privat Portal Blog

This Blog relates mainly to this site and describes features, procedures and site management


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About this blog
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